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Come and study in Bulgaria, take your tour and learn more about the different types of Bulgarian universities and the degrees they offer.

Why study in Bulgaria?

By choosing Bulgaria, you will take all the advantages of a traditionally strong education system, European degrees, affordable cost of living, excellent career opportunities and Bulgarian magnificent environment full of history, culture, folklore, delicious food. Explore the land of roses, yogurt, history and beautiful nature and take your European degree in Bulgaria!

Why Bulgaria? Four seasons, incredibly beautiful nature, history of the earliest civilizations in Europe, home of the real and original yogurt, rose oil and Cyrillic alphabet! Bulgaria is a multicultural and modern place that will offer you a wide range of education and leisure. This brief introduction only touches on real Bulgarian magic. To fully know the country, it is necessary to visit. What would be a better reason than study and experience abroad?

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Why should you Consider Bulgaria for your study?

Study in Bulgaria

Bulgaria offers countless advantages of excellent quality of European education and life. By study in Bulgaria, you will study in Europe which provides you a good basis for future careers worldwide. Bulgarian higher education institutions are very well-connected with European Union countries and beyond and you will have a chance to participate in many mobility and exchange programs.

Bulgarian education is famous in many scientific fields like medicine, mathematics, technical (engineering and architecture), chemistry, biology, linguistics, agriculture, etc. If you want to study Agriculture, the Land of Roses is the place to be! If you are interested in history, Bulgaria like a cradle of some of the earliest civilizations in Europe provides you a place suitable for all those who have an interest in ancient cultures. Learn linguistics in the birthplace of the Cyrillic. Find your reasons to choose Bulgaria. 

Internet access in the schools


Usage of foreign languages


The largest share of foreign students came from Europe


Population speak at least one foreign language


Average number of students per teacher


The application process in Bulgarian universities is only by documents but the level of education is very high. Bulgarian higher education institutions train specialists in different fields and internships in the same programs. International students receive high education level, a fully recognized degree in all over the globe, all kind of fields of studies, very reasonable tuition fees and living costs. The choice determines success! Choosing to study in Bulgaria may be the best step for your future!


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